The Finch Group and its principals (“TFG”) , over the course of four decades and four significant real estate recessions, have established an impressive distressed property resolution record, implementing well thought-out specific business plans.

TFG draws its knowledge from previous structured workouts and the repositioning of hundreds of properties for financial institutions, investors and ourselves during prior recessions. What we learned during lean times is especially helpful as markets soar. We have learned that the most important component is (i) a complete and honest understanding of the property, market and priorities.

The best result can only be achieved through implementation of a well thought-out business plan on a property-specific basis that realistically reflects the strengths, weaknesses and priorities of each individual situation.

A focused, single-purpose determination has continuously allowed TFG to successfully acquire or dispose of assets for financial institutions.

Throughout TFG’s history, and most significantly as a result of the New England Real Estate crisis of the 1990’s; and drawing on lessons learned from earlier work on distressed properties, TFG established itself as a preeminent “problem project” resolution organization in the North East, United States. TFG understands how the real estate market adapts to a crisis. In 1990 it was directly affected by the New England real estate and resultant banking crisis. After amicably working through its own restructuring, those same banks, and others plus the FDIC, turned to TFG for assistance. The crisis provided The Finch Group the opportunity to acquire, restructure, reposition or sell 75 to 80 distressed properties for financial institutions.
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