Mark A. Dodds

Mark A. Dodds joined The Finch Group in March, 2010 as the in-house Principal Architect.

In his current role within the company, Mr. Dodds has a direct relationship with the property management and maintenance staff that serve the residents of TFG properties.

This unique opportunity has provided all members of the organization with a deeper knowledge and understanding of what the multifamily housing industry faces in today’s marketplace.

As a result, pro-active efforts are currently underway to reduce utility, operating and maintenance costs in order to provide first-choice housing for residents.

Mr. Dodds is a graduate of Kent State University School of Architecture and Environmental Design with a Bachelor of Architecture.


  • State of Ohio Registration No. 7284
  • State of Florida Registration No. 95596
  • State of Michigan No. 40637
  • State of Kentucky No. 4400
  • State of Virginia No. 010689
  • NCARB Registration No. 66453
  • LEED Accredited Professional – 2009
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