Wesley E. Finch

The Founder and Chairman of The Finch Group (“TFG”), originally organized in Boston, Massachusetts in 1981 and subsequently relocated to Boca Raton, Florida in 1997.

In 1973, Mr. Finch joined a Boston based affordable housing developer and, during his eight year tenure, moved from CFO to Partner responsible for the development, financing and operations of over twenty projects totaling approximately one quarter billion dollars.
Since founding TFG, Mr. Finch has been involved in over $2 billion of real estate oriented ventures including:

  • Government Assisted Housing
  • High End Condominiums Valued Up To $3 Million
  • The First HUD Financed Building Converted To Luxury Condominiums In The U. S.
  • Owned And Operated Cape Cod’s Largest Oceanfront Resort Hotel And Conference Center
  • Owned And Operated The Largest Condominium Development, Management, Operating, Marketing Company In New England

Additionally, as a result of the 1990 recession and the New England real estate crisis, Mr. Finch amicably “worked out” TFG’s own portfolio of debt related instruments, then took over from the financial institutions and restructured, repositioned, acquired or sold approximately 75-80 distressed entities. Mr. Finch’s general business philosophy is straightforward, influenced by leading a company through four national recessions:

  • A company needs to know where it wants to be in the future and then plan how to get there
  • Never lose sight of the company’s goal
  • Never make quick decisions in a panic mode

A graduate of Bernard M. Baruch School of the City College of New York, Mr. Finch also spent four years as a practicing CPA specializing in taxation of real estate.

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